AbioFlame is a range of general water-based flame retardants of biological origin with a certificate.

This flame retardant is absolutely unique in its kind and it is obtained from 100% biological material. It's further purified to make it suitable in industrial application processes, resulting in a flame retardant which is upto 95% of biological origin.

The biological material that is used for AbioFlame is obtained from local (EU) residual streams. And because of this, it adds to a circular economy and a reduction of mineral deposits. Also, compared to virgin materials, AbioFlame has a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Because of this AbioFlame is particularly popular with companies that find circular economy and reduction of carbon footprint important. 


AbioFlame is a range of general flame retardants for cellulose based materials, e.g. cotton or viscose based textiles, paper and flax. 

Typical applications for AbioFlame are home textiles and building materials.


  • Bio based flame retardant
  • Excellent flame retardant for natural fibres as cotton
  • No or only modest influence on colours
  • Low volatility
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Halogen free
  • Biodegradable¬†


A certificate stating the biological origin of the AbioFlame range is available on request.